No break this spring–and I love it

Many friends and co-workers have disappeared to tropical locales this week. The kids have been sleeping in and complaining about ‘everyone else’ getting to go to Hawaii (not to mention the work I’ve had them catch up on). Our week off probably does seem a little boring on the surface, and my husband and I agree that we are overdue for a travel adventure, but I have absolutely no regrets about the past week.

We’ve hiked. We got out the hammock. A fort has been built. We’ve watched the flowers suddenly appear. Hot dogs are being cooked tonight over the refurbished fire pit. My sister and her daughter visited, and we visited friends in the city.

We smelled rain.

We had tickle fights.

We had a mini-jam with all the guitars and ukuleles.

We met new friends.

None of that would have happened if we had gone on a trip. We’d have a different list, to be sure, but I can’t see how it would be any better–it would just be different.

Rosy Pussytoes (Antennaria rosea) in the front garden

So don’t feel too sorry for yourself if you didn’t get a big trip either. Stop and smell the rosy pussy toes in your life. And if you care to see me and my sister geek out about trees and knitting, here you go.





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