All the kids in all the gardens

After a (I thought) very successful talk at the Calgary Horticultural Society Garden Show last weekend, two of my girls and I enjoyed the booths at the show, and wouldn’t you know it, found more books. (See below.) Then, after returning home and catching up on my digital correspondence, I found all kinds of pictures and stories of kids playing outside, getting into the dirt, and generally having a good time.

I even came across another–you guessed it–book! It’s by Steven Biggs, and it’s called Grow Gardeners, and it’s all about getting kids into gardening. His ideas dovetail so nicely with everything I had to say at the show, I kind of wish I could have recommended it to everyone there. Tara Nolan (my erstwhile editor) brought Steven’s book to my attention by featuring it on Savvy Gardening, a website I will also recommend. Enjoy this chat with Steven and the Savvy gals, enjoy the books, enjoy the garden, and enjoy the kids.

A couple more books we found last weekend:

Outside Your Window, by Nicola Davies.

Simple poetry celebrates all kinds of aspects of nature. Visually stunning.

Sidewalk Flowers, by JonArno Lawson.

A story without words about a little girls who knows the value of sharing.

Weeds Find a Way, Cindy Jenson-Elliot.

All about how different weeds spread seeds and find corners to grow. Interesting and beautiful, if a little disheartening to the gardener.

Mossy, Jan Brett

More of the intricately detailed pictures of Jan Brett, this time telling the story of a little turtle with a garden on its back.

Flowers Are Calling, by Rita Gray

A playful exploration of how flowers attract different animals to help with pollination.

An Egg is Quiet, Dianna Aston

Gorgeous illustrations, with identification, of all kinds of species, how the eggs are cared for, and how they hatch. Look for other titles by this author as well: A Butterfly is Patient, A Seed is Sleepy.

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