The race is on

Some of you may be aware of the little taste of winter we in Alberta experienced last week. Yes, cold, wind snow, the whole bit. It’s a pretty early frost, and that’s somewhat disappointing (yes I forgot to cover my tomato plants) but there is a silver lining: Some switch seems to have flipped in my brain and–get this!–the brain of my husband. Suddenly we are geared up to clean up and finish all the outdoor projects we have on the go. It’s like the mini-winter was a nice cold slap in the face, waking us up to the fact that we are almost out of time, and the subsequent weather feels like a heavenly reprieve from seasonal limbo.

Saturday was a whirlwind: weed whipping, wood chipping, brick laying. The garage was cleaned, and an eyesore junk pile in our side yard was whisked away after entertaining the neighbours for nigh on two years. There’s plenty still to do, but we are so on it.

The funny thing is, everyone at work today related similar experiences. Including the suddenly motivated husbands! A few laments were heard about having to pick the pumpkins early, but they were overshadowed by the sheer number of items removed from to-do lists. And in one weekend, too.

The gun’s gone off, we’re out of the blocks. Mother Nature hasn’t indicated the finish line yet, but we’re going to cover as much ground as possible before we cross it.

Me laying the new brick strip along the driveway. No more creeping grass! (Maybe.)


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